Welcome to "Villa Anna Maria"

We are a model Care Home for the elderly


We have created an environment with love and care

We have created a model Care Home

With regular medical care

With comfortable spacy rooms and facilities

With constant care and proper nutrition

In a calm, lush environment

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About us

Bearing in mind that seniors need our care in that phase of their life more than ever, we have created a modern Care Unit to accommodate the Elderly and the Lonely. We aim to provide our residents with the ideal solution to their situation by offering them security, safety and love. Our hope and aim is that “Villa Anna Maria” will be like an extension of their own home.

We have studied the everyday needs of the Elderly and offer full services. This way, every resident enjoys the comfort of a modern, functional, friendly environment with infrastructure and equipment which serve their needs, habits and peculiarities. Consequently they feel safe, but also active and creative.

Your trust in our Care Home for the Elderly, “Villa Anna Maria”, justifies the term “model unit”, which has been attributed to us by all who have experienced our services.



Medical Care

We collaborate with more that 10 medical specialists and we provide constant and total medical care.


Balanced Diet

Every day we use the finest ingredients to offer our residents simple but wholesome home-cooked meals.



We want to make sure our residents have a pleasant stay by providing entertainment according to their needs and age.


Constant Care

We are sensitive to our residents demanding and sometimes urgent needs and so we are available to them 24/7.


Beautiful Environment

Our Care Home is situated in the beautiful, green, quiet suburb of Varkiza, and just a 5 minute walk from the waterfront.



Cleanliness is a top priority for us, not just due to the increased needs of our residents in terms of a good hygiene but also for good aesthetics.


What we offer

With ample spaces, highly trained staff and collaboration with experts of every medical and paramedical profession, we aim to provide our residents with the best day-to-day life.

Ample, comfortable spaces

“Villa Anna Maria” has a refreshing contemporary design that is comprised of 30 spacious and tastefully designed guest rooms, all with a private shower and balcony, some of which have a view of the gulf of Varkiza.
Our Care Home provides spacious indoor areas (sitting area, dining area), suitably arranged so that the Elderly can congregate with friends and relatives. One of the biggest fears of the Elderly is loneliness. Therefore, it is our policy that residents have the incentive to get out of their rooms and socialize.

Άνετοι και φιλικοί χώροι

Support for the family

In the same way that we take our children to the nursery school to make friends and to be taken care of by specialists, we need to care for our elderly by taking them to the right place.

A place that will provide them with safety, right nutrition and proper medical care. “Villa Anna Maria” is such a place and along with a warm, friendly environment and specialized staff, we guarantee a safe, pleasant stay to our residents.

Beautiful Environment

Our outdoor facilities include many verandas, balconies and a garden filled with flowers, trees and plants.

All outdoor areas are equipped with tables and benches so that our residents can enjoy the sun and clean air all day long.


Highly trained staff

“Villa Anna Maria”‘s biggest asset is its people. We are proud of our staff that we have chosen for their high ethics and qualifications. We aim to constantly train our staff through seminars and other educational meetings.

Άνετοι και φιλικοί χώροι

Medical staff

In “Villa Anna Maria” we provide services through expertly trained staff of all medical specialties. We also provide psychological support and counseling to our residents and their relatives. According to your needs we can arrange for a group or personal session with our doctor and social worker.

Easy Access

Our Care Home for the Elderly is located 22km. away from the centre of Athens, 17km. from Athens’ International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”, 7km. from the commercial centre of Glyfada and 40km. from the incredible ancient site of Sounio. Access to our premises is easy with a car through Attiki Odos or Poseidonos avenue.

“Villa Anna Maria” provides free parking space to residents and guests. Furthermore, our building is equipped with ramps and special floors to accommodate all those with movement impairments.


The Care Home “Villa Anna Maria” is ideally located in one of the most cosmopolitan and popular suburbs of the Athenian coast, Varkiza. Varkiza has easy access to Attiki Odos, Athens’ International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”, the centre of Athens, and Glyfada the popular suburb of Athens for shopping, dining and recreation.

Nearby the Care Home there are restaurants, taverns, coffee houses, bars, cinemas, while only a few meters away, there are the best beaches in Attica, in a clean, green environment, ideal for walks.

Last, but not least, in just 3km. there are the famous natural hot springs of Vouliagmeni Lake. The healing properties of these springs, as well as the constant natural high temperature of the waters, are very soothing and help to treat musculoskeletal, gynecological and skin affections.

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Κουβεντιάζοντας με την παρέα


Η διάσημη παραλία της Βουλιαγμένης


Η Μαρίνα της Γλυφάδας

What people say about us

Activities & Socialization

Comfortable rooms, the company of friends and the constant care of our staff is not enough to make our seniors feel good and useful.

Therefore, we have incorporated into our program a series of activities that stimulate their mind and trigger their memory, hearing and seeing. This way, our residents not only maintain their good spirits but they also get entertained in a way that promotes their general well being.



We organize group occupational activities through which our residents can share experiences and express their feelings. Each activity helps our guests to socialize so that through company and love they can increase their self esteem and boost their confidence. Our goal is to help them perceive getting old as a natural phase of their lives that shouldn’t inspire fear.


Care Home “Villa Anna Maria” endeavors to bring pleasant moments to the everyday life of the Elderly. We celebrate individual and group occasions such as Birthdays, Name Days, National Holidays, Christmas, Easter, Anniversaries etc.

Organized Events

There is the option to organize activities and celebrations inside or outside our premises, in collaboration with the families of our residents. Just contact us and we can arrange something together.

Βίλλα Άννα Μαρία

Ρόδου 13 και Θάσου,
16672 Βάρκιζα


Contact us

Would you like to learn more about us? We would be happy to answer any questions you might have and even arrange for a private tour on our premises.